Fire Pit Mat for Lawn
Fire Pit Mat for Lawn
Fire Pit Mat for Lawn
Fire Pit Mat for Lawn

Fire Pit Mat for Lawn

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Protect Your Patio from Burns with Our Fire Pit Mat

Introducing the Fire Pit Mat, the perfect solution for protecting your lawn and patio while enjoying your backyard fire pit. Made of premium materials, including flame-retardant cotton, fire-resistant aluminum foil, and silicon-coated glass-fiber fabric, this mat can withstand temperatures up to 1800°F.

Premium Material 

ember mat is made of three heat-resistant fabrics, flame-retardant cotton layer, fire-resistant aluminum foil, and silicon-coated glass-fiber fabric that has a heat resistance rating of up to 1800¡ãF. You¡¯ll find that it reflects the heat so well that it is cool to touch without scalding.

Protect Your Lawn

 For the advancement of an aluminum foil layer, the fire pit mat reflects 96% radiant heat to protect grass from death from baking. Whether your surface is wood, composite, stone, or concrete, our fire pit mat will protect your patio surface from burns, heat damage, heat deformation, grease spills, cement stains and more.

Double Sided Fireproof Mat 

The front side and the back side adopt fire-resistant aluminum foil with no difference that you can use both sides to protect marble/concrete/stone floors/wood floors/lawns/grass.

Versatile Heat Shield 

30-inch fireproof mats feature a versatile round shape designed as a stand under a larger propane fire pit, bonfire pit, burning barrel, fire pit ring, charcoal BBQ grill, wood smoker, or chiminea outsides, etc. it's perfect for most of the home use pit. Use 2 or more fire mats for larger sizes!